Collection: Just Tents

Choose Between all of Our Elegant High Peak Frame Tent Rentals,  High Peak Frame Tents offer more floor space and head room than pole tents or other styles of frame tent which we feel provides a much more elegant experience. These Prices Are For the Tents Alone. They will only come with optional lights and sidewalls at this price.  if you just need a tent and have your own chairs and tables or don't need them this is great for you! If you need tables and chairs  See Our Party Packages For discounts on bundles! 

Need a Bigger Tent? 
Our 20x20’s can be combined to create any size tent needed for the job, some popular sizes we have done are 20x60, 40x40, and 60x60 but the layout is up to you and  we  can even make an L shape as well to work with different layouts. We use a rain gutter between each frame to make one solid canopy so they act as one larger tent.